Flea Market discovery Cherry G81-1000 Keyboard

About two weeks ago I was on a flea market and saw an old cherry keyboard. I always heard of the legendary IBM type M keyboard that makes a unique click sound and wanted to have one of these. But the ones still produced cost about 90$ at pckeyboard.com! So I thought, give that old cheery one a try and buy it … for 1,50€ it won’t hurt and may be similarly cool.

So I bought a nice old G81-1000 which was still rather white, compared to the usual computer nicotine yellow you see out there. :) The keys are not as smooth as I had hoped but in my opinion the sound is quite classic.

One little detail being a problem was the old DIN instead of a PS/2 connector. The adapter could be found on amazon but I would bet there are only some remnants.

The whole circuit board and key sensors are pretty robust and will probably survive all the rest of my current hardware. Here are some fotos I short during the big cleaning session.

More Information about Cheery G81 and G80: http://geekhack.org/showwiki.php?title=Island:5757

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