Android music player shuffle is bad

I just wanted to share my experience with the android music player.
From a user interface and feature perspective I am totally happy with it. It is kind of simple, responsive and okay to control as music player in your car. (Hands free of course).

But there is a problem with the shuffle function. I use that feature a lot, since the android is serving me with music almost every day in my car and I really can’t stand the same playlist order every day. The sequential order makes things too predictable and you rapidly get the feeling you heard the songs a million times.

Unfortunately android music player is not shuffling very well. There are often the same tracks in the playlist and the order seems to repeat too. I even got the feeling it doesn’t include all the tracks and just shuffles a subset of them.

It seems like I am not alone with the problem and there is already a bugreport.

So I tried the mobile winamp player. I was not too optimistic since the desktop version of it just evolved to a big fat monster. But I was positively surprised. The player looks nice, is fast and is better at shuffling. I had songs in the playlist again I missed for quite some time now.

The only thing that is not too great is the user interface uses a lot of small button elements. This is not so nice when you use it in your car. Additionally you can’t switch tracks using the little forward / backwards buttons, when the screen is locked but that is not a deal breaker.

Did you have the same experience with android music player? Let me know.

One Response to Android music player shuffle is bad

  1. micha says:

    I’ve experienced the same problem .. I’ve tried the ³ Player (Cube) because I needed an audio player with landscape format for listening music in the car

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