Simple xmpp standup meeting notification for the team

I guess you all know it – when it is standup time some notice it immediately while others are still on the phone or some still digging in the code. It does help to have a calendar notification but everyone has to enable it etc.

At my work we are all using the company wide jabber service and it’s a great tool I think. With these few steps you can build a simple notifier for your team.

First you’ll have to install sendxmpp. For debian:
% apt-get install sendxmpp

The usage is easy and you can write a simple script file and place it in your PATH.
% cat bin/standupnote


echo "Reminder: Standup Meeting! :-)" | sendxmpp $MEMBERS

Your credentials have to be added to added to the ~/.sendxmpprc file. Don’t forget to chmod 600 it!
echo " password componentname" > ~/.sendxmpprc && chmod 600 ~/.sendxmpprc

And finally you should install a cronjob to run the script at standup time. Simply run as user and edit the config file:
% crontab -e
# m h dom mon dow command
45 10 * * 1,2,3,4,5 /home/fred/bin/standupnote

Yes, our meeting is not until 10:45 … :-\

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