Short review: Zoe’s Tale from John Scalzi (Old Man’s War)

This a short review I wrote about Zoe’s Tale, the fourth book in the Old Man’s War universe. A great, easy to read and modern series for sci-fi fans.

When I started reading I was just happy there was something more about the Old Man’s War universe and it would be interesting to hear the same story from a different perspective.

But it was more than just another perspective it extends it by tells a new story at the same time – not boring you with a lot of things you already heard. But you kind of see where the Scalzi tries to catch up with history.

At the beginning, the book does not read so fluently I must admit. Seeing the world from the eyes of a sixteen year old girl can be annoying – even if authentic. I kind of got the feeling even Scalzi had to get into writing from this point of view, assuming he even started with the beginning of the book. ;-)

After a while all of this vanishes and you build up a lot of sympathy with Zoe and resolving in a pleasing ending. I am usually disappointed by book’s endings – being unspectacular – in this book there are no world ending battles to expect and the end is known anyway but there was kind of a showdown for me.

This book is a valuable part of Old Man’s War with place for topics that might have come a bit short in the other books. Thank you John Scalzi.