XBMC windowed mode calibration (overscan) settings not remembered

I love XBMC, it is a great free media center, controllable via android phone with lot’s of cool plugins and even blue ray support.

But there was this bug annoying me. I am using two monitors and want to keep the mouse non captured, therefore using xbmc in maximized windowed mode instead of fullscreen. This works great but the overscan settings get lost on every restart, hiding great parts of the GUI.

The settings are written correctly to the „resolution“ node in guisettings.xml with the description „Windowed“ but are not loaded. After the next start the default settings are used and the config overwritten.

These forum posts or some posts of them might be related:

I tried to fix the problem myself and got up with a patch. There were a couple of problems preventing the settings from being loaded and applied – see pull request for details. It also seems like it makes sense to reset the overscan settings when the window is resized but upon initial start they should be loaded from the config.

See Ticket http://trac.xbmc.org/ticket/11861
Pull Request https://github.com/xbmc/xbmc/pull/1246


Well, the xbmc folks answered quite fast, see below. Too bad but until then I got my patch.

FernetMenta commented
check out #1231
There are (and should) no calibration settings for windowed mode. Your original problem mentioned in the ticket 11861 will be fixed by not grabbing the mouse.

So Wahr: Whatever Happened To Programming

Programmieren ist nicht mehr das was es einmal war, in Zeiten der Frameworks und großen Bibliotheken fühlt es sich mehr wie ein Konfigurieren an. Wenn man damit umgehen kann, kommt man zwar schneller zu einem Ergebnis aber für viele ist das Ergebnis nicht das wichtigste sondern der Spaß am Programmieren. Der folgende Artikel handelt davon.


Sicherlich ist es nicht sinnvoll und auch nicht interessant immer die selben Methoden zu implementieren. So kommt man auch nicht vorwärts. Aber da muss noch etwas zwischen dem Rad-Neu-Erfinden und dem Herum-ärgern mit Frameworks, was zu einer Trial-And-Error Aktion ausarten kann, sein.